Dubai is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and has been our home for ten years. We are therefore very familiar with the dynamic market and the economic conditions.

    The passion for Dubai and real estate distinguishes us in our daily work. We are committed to our clients in all matters. Our services include not only comprehensive advice, processing and management of real estate in Dubai, but also support in matters such as opening a bank account or applying for local financing.

    Our clients greatly appreciate the fact that we continue to have a strong presence in Switzerland. This allows us to maintain a close and personal relationship with our clients. For example, we attach great importance to conducting the first meeting in person on site in Switzerland or Germany. Accordingly, our focus is on serving investors from Switzerland and Germany.

    Why Dubai?

    Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah and every year more attractions are added... Dubai is growing and is known for its record buildings and prestigious properties. Thanks to the high yields, Dubai is one of the most profitable real estate markets in the world. Since 2002 the real estate market is also open for foreign investors. We would be pleased to develop a tailor-made investment concept together with you.

    Not only the classical investment properties show a positive development - also the demand for holiday homes is increasing. Particularly in the case of a holiday home, it is essential to find the right property. We help you to find your home in Dubai.

    Our goals

    We offer our clients comprehensive, individual and professional real estate advice. Whether holiday home or investment property, we accompany you through the entire process and also support you with concerns such as financing, visa issues or a local account opening. In addition, we take an active role in the operation as well as the management of the respective property and are accordingly still available after the purchase of a property.

    Our goal is to inspire our clients about Dubai and to accompany them in their personal Dubai project.

    As Dubai property specialists, we are...

    on site

    We have been living and working in Dubai for over 10 years.


    We speak German, French and of course English.

    well connected

    We work with the leading real estate developers.


    As a family, we invest in real estate in Dubai.

    Real Estate Market Dubai Q2 2022

    Temperatures are rising, the sea is getting warm and there is no cooling in sight even in the evening - so here's to air conditioning!

    Half a year has already passed and the real estate sector in Dubai continues to break records in terms of sales and transactions. With almost 43,000 sales transactions whose total value exceeded almost AED 115 billion, this is the strongest performance of the first half of the year since June 2009.

    Becoming the world's most sustainable city - Dubai Clean Energy Strategy

    The oil boom in the 1950s triggered rapid economic growth in Dubai. Towers were built, international companies came to Dubai and tourism increased steadily. But as the economy grew, so did its environmental footprint. In 2006, WWF found that theUAE was the country with the world's largest ecological footprint per capita. Dubai was the top performer among the seven emirates.Rapid growth and urbanization is a challenge in terms of sustainability. Two years later, the UAE launched the "Masdar" project, the Arabic word for "source," in partnership with WWF, marking its first effort to promote sustainability.

    In 2017, the UAE launched the"UAE Energy Strategy 2050". The goal of this strategy is to increase the contribution of clean energy to total consumption from 25% to 50% by 2050, while reducing CO2 emissions from electricity generation by 70%. Furthermore, in 2015, Dubai unveiled the"Dubai Clean Energy Strategy". With this plan, Dubai aims to source 75% of its energy needs from clean energy sources by 2050, becoming the most sustainable city in the world.

    Dubai passes the 3.5 million mark!

    Since 1960, the population has grown from 40,000 to now over 3.5 million people. Between the end of 2020 and April 2022, the population has increased by nearly 100,000 people. By the year 2040 (click here for more on the 2040 Master Plan), the population target is about 6 million. Schools in particular are also noticing a significant increase in new enrollments, which is an indication that many are moving their center of life to Dubai.