Dubai taxes

    In addition to a first-class standard of living, Dubai also offers a tax-free environment for private and legal entities.

    Income and wealth tax
    No income tax is levied in Dubai. All types of personal income are tax free. This includes salary, pension, rental income and capital income such as dividends, interest and capital gains of all kinds.

    There is also no wealth tax. There is also no tax on real estate property.

    Real Estate Gains, Inheritance and Gift Tax
    In Dubai, no real estate gains tax is levied on the resale of real estate. However, there is a 4% transfer fee on real estate transactions, which is usually paid by the buyer.

    Inheritances and gifts do not have to be taxed either at the time of death or upon receipt of an inheritance or gift.

    Value Added Tax
    As of 01.01.2018, a value added tax of 5% was introduced in the United Arab Emirates.

    Residence and residence permit in Dubai

    Basically, there are three ways to obtain a residence permit in Dubai:

    Setting up a company
    As the owner of a company in Dubai, you are entitled to apply for an investor visa. This is valid for two years.

    Click here for more information on setting up a company

    Real Estate Purchase / Local Deposit
    By purchasing real estate or investing in a deposit at a local bank, one also becomes eligible to apply for a visa.

    Here are the exact requirements that must be met to obtain a visa through a real estate (or deposit).

    Classic employment with a company
    An ordinary work visa, valid for two years, can be obtained through classic employment with a company in Dubai.