The sustainable urban highway - THE LOOP

    Dubai is built for car traffic and public transport is still in its infancy. Above all, the connections are not really designed to be user-friendly.

    With the project THE LOOP, Dubai wants to better connect and network with the claim that for longer distances the bicycle and public transport can be combined. Safety and year-round usability are the key aspects. The aim of the project is to replace both the car and the cab as the main means of transport, thereby significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

    The first designs of THE LOOP have already been presented by the URB company. It is a 93km sustainable urban highway in the form of an air-conditioned tunnel that will enable people to get around Dubai by bike or on foot all year round. The Loop is expected to be used as the primary mode of transportation for more than 80% of Dubai residents by 2040. Sustainability is the top priority. It is an emission-free transportation system and is powered by 100% renewable energy.

    THE LOOP project will also have its own app that rewards residents for the distance they travel each day. The more you use the Loop, the more rewards you get. This is intended to motivate Dubai residents to use more sustainable transportation. The distance a user walks is also expected to generate clean energy. Yes, you read that right - the steps one takes are converted into renewable energy. The walking tracks are equipped with a kinetic surface that extracts usable energy from each step. The technology works with electromagnetic induction generators that shift vertically due to the weight of a person's steps. These shifting movements generate energy, which is then fed into generators to produce usable electricity. The energy-generating floors are also made of recycled car tires.

    The "20-Minute City"

    THE LOOP project is in line with the Dubai Master Plan 2040, with the goal of becoming a 20-minute city. This means residents should be able to reach their daily needs (shopping, hobbies/sports or work) within 20 minutes on foot or by bike.

    We are excited to see the first realization steps of THE LOOP. Would be wonderful if we didn't have to sweat quite so much when jogging or biking in the summer. 😉

    Your Terra Nova Real Estate Team