Dubai and all its record buildings

    Dubai and all its record buildings 🥇

    The biggest hobby of Dubai? Collecting records and they are really good at it. 😉 Dubai already has over 400 records to show for it, but Dubai's appetite is far from satisfied.

    We have summarized some records for you.
    We hope you enjoy reading and marveling! 😎

    The largest art painting in the world

    The largest art painting in the world stretched over 1,580. It was recently created by Dubai-based British artist Sacha Jafri at the Atlantis Hotel on the Palm Jumeirah.

    This was divided into 70 separate paintings and sold individually. Over 30 million dollars were raised and donated to charity.

    The largest Ferris wheel in the world

    Bluewaters Island has been home to a world record since last year: Ain Dubai - the Eye of Dubai. At 250 meters, it is the largest Ferris wheel in the world.

    Another exciting fact - all the spokes of the observation wheel placed side by side give a total length of 2,400 kilometers. This is approximately the distance from Dubai to Cairo.

    The largest flower arrangement in the world

    The Miracle Garden is the largest flower arrangement in the world with 120 different types of flowers and 150 million flowers.

    It covers 72,000 square meters, which is about the same area as the Louvre Museum in Paris.

    The world's highest 360-degree infinity pool

    The Palm Jumeirah is home to the AURA SkyPool, the world's tallest 360-degree infinity pool.

    The 360-degree infinity pool sits at 200 meters and offers breathtaking views of the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Ain Dubai, Dubai Marina and Burj Khalifa.

    The largest water fountain in the world

    Another record set just last year is the Palm Fountain on the Point. It is the largest water fountain in the world.

    The water spectacle with 3,000 LED lightsaswell as music, covers 1,335square meters and shoots seawater up to 105 meters into the sky.

    The highest hotel in the world

    The 75-story Gevora Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road is impossible to miss. Its golden spire rises more than 356 meters into the clouds, making it the world's tallest hotel.

    The deepest pool in the world

    The Deep Dive Dubai pool goes down 60 meters, making it the deepest pool in the world.

    The Deep Dive Dubai dive center is 1,500squaremetersand the pool is filled with 14 million liters of water, which is equivalent to six Olympic swimming pools.

    Dubai, the biggest of many things!

    From the tallest building to the heaviest gold ring to the fastest police car in the world:

    Dubai, a city that keeps reinventing itself. Dubai's innovative power, technologies, architectures and fantasies know no bounds.

    It is dreamed, built, changed and reinvented.

    We are excited to see what will come next and will of course keep you up to date. 😊

    Your Terra Nova Real Estate Team