Palm Jebel Ali - A new palm tree for Dubai

    Dubai is known for its countless, extravagant and luxurious mega-projects. It houses the world's tallest building, the world's largest shopping mall, the largest indoor ski center, as well as the ever-famous Palm Jumeirah.

    However, one project has been forgotten in recent years, the Palm Jebel Ali. Recently, it was announced that this defunct project will be brought back to life with a new injection of funds. This announcement has sparked a wave of optimism and excitement within Dubai, with many hoping for the revival of this lucrative development.

    Palm Jebel Ali originated in 2002 and came from the well-known Dubai-based developer Nakheel, which had already developed Palm Jumeirah. In 2008 it came to a standstill due to the financial crisis and so the Palm Jebel Ali was empty and on stand-by for many years. This should now change and it is time to implement the vision that Dubai had for Jebel Ali 21 years ago. Dubai is booming, demand and need continue and there seems to be no let up in sight.

    The Palm Jebel Ali is with its 134 km2 twice as large as the Palm Jumeirah and has a 110 km long beach. It will be home to 80 new luxury hotels, resorts and restaurants, as well as countless waterfront mansions and villas. The construction of the Palm Jebel Ali will create a new living space directly on the water for about 35,000 inhabitants of Dubai and attract many tourists. Many dream of living directly on the beach and the construction will create new opportunities.

    All this will be done in harmony with nature and 30% of the energy will come from a so-called Blue Energy Technology.

    Dubai continues to grow and the time has come to turn this island into a paradise. We are curious to see what will happen in this desert city in the future.