Andermatt Switzerland

    Andermatt Swiss Alps - the opportunity to invest in Swiss real estate

    Discover Andermatt, a jewel in the heart of Switzerland. The drive there is a breathtaking journey through majestic mountain landscapes, and you can reach this paradise in just 90 minutes from Zurich, two hours from Milan and four hours from Munich.

    Nestled between imposing peaks, Andermatt offers unforgettable experiences in an alpine oasis all year round. Step into a picturesque village with character, surrounded by nature that invites you to outdoor adventures and is characterized by down-to-earth traditions.

    Conquer a piece of Andermatt for yourself

    The community of property owners in Andermatt is growing steadily: to date, over 560 properties with a total value of more than CHF 805 million have been purchased. In addition to the excellent location, there are many other reasons that make Andermatt a perfect place for real estate ownership.

    Andermatt Swiss Alps offers a rental program for all properties in Andermatt Reuss, so that owners can earn rental income when their property is not in private use. Andermatt Swiss Alps takes care of the management of the property and the entire booking process, including on-site guest care. Each property comes with a standard facilities package and Andermatt Swiss Alps sets rental rates based on factors such as location, season and competition.

    No hurdles for international buyers

    Andermatt is the only Alpine destination in Switzerland that is completely exempt from the restrictions of the Lex Koller. This means that foreign investors can purchase real estate and make this unique village their home. As a result, Andermatt has attracted a global community of investors looking to take advantage of the benefits of investing in real estate with high rental yields and an expected increase in value.

    Applying for a mortgage with one of the leading Swiss banks such as UBS or Credit Suisse is quick and easy. The Andermatt Swiss Alps sales team has extensive experience in assisting international clients with mortgage applications.